Name: Abd-Alaziz Abd-Almohsen Abd-Allah Ale-Abd-Almohsen
Date of Berth: 07-02-1395 H 19-02-1975 AD
Job: Computer programmer and system analyst
Spoken languages: Arabic, English. For Arbic عربي.
Address: P O Box 106554 Ar Riyadh 11676
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

My Internet path (work and participations)
My Work : for the AOU 2004/2005 TU170 TMA2: Part 1,Part 2,Part 3, Thanks Dr.Hasan Al-Shehry. T171 Part1: TMA01. TMA02. TMA03. TMA04. special thanks after my graduation from AOU
Written words for my readers : Computers make mistakes. The Killing Love. Please cover your hair. What is full will spill out.